Often overlooked in accounts of English Morris dancing, girls’ (carnival) Morris is a highly competitive, team formation dance popular in

Academic folklore studies—or folkloristics—is a field of scholarship devoted to the classification, documentation, and interpretation of folklore and folklife.

The appearance of a Turkish knight, Beelzebub, and a horse’s skull mark out a centuries old winter tradition in rural

The great Victorian fairy fascination held its grip over culture into the early 20th century. In the wake of the

Do you know the stories of The Kalevala? If you do you are in select company like J.R.R. Tolkien who

Smuggling. The word has been entwined with romantic delusions and depictions for many years. However, in reality this could not

When I was a little girl, I used to watch with open-mouthed admiration and puzzlement as my mother prepared the

Paul Watson speaks to Dee Dee Chainey about the inspiration behind 'England’s Dark Dreaming', his second book of myth and

In rural Spain, the night still belongs to the ánimas, the spirits of the dead who didn’t go straight to

With soaring landscapes, bloody history and passionate politics, it’s little wonder that Scotland has such a vibrant folklore.

A nineteenth century autobiography written by the minister William Leask offers a fascinating insight into supernatural belief in contemporary Orkney.

We've just received an exciting press release about an exhibition charting the history of the The Museum of British Folklore.

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